Berry Reboot

Sit back & chill with a steaming cup of this delicious superfood tea loaded with adaptogens & functional mushrooms. Reboot your body & mind, improve your sleep patterns, calm your digestive system, and enhance overall immune function so you can wake up ready for the day.
*30 Servings | $0.96 for serving

Product Details

Berry Reboot: The delicious berry mix will balance your bodily functions and reboot your body & mind. The proprietary mix is made from carefully selected ingredients based on nutritional factors, the functions of each ingredient and taste. Use this mix to boost your immune function, promote better sleep, and calm your digestive system.

Crafted In California with 100% Organic Ingredients, Plant Based, Vegan, Dairy FREE, Gluten FREE, Soy FREE.

Ingredients: Sea Buckthorn*, Goji Berry*, Reishi Extract*, Turmeric*, Black Pepper*, Ceylon Cinnamon*, Ginger*, Clove*.
*Certified Organic Powder Ingredient

Weight: 6.4oz (180g) | 30 servings

Taste: Delicious berries with slightly sour notes and gentle spice

Serving & Use

Use: Mix 1 teaspoon with 8-10 oz of hot water, add some honey and enjoy

Serving Size: 1 tsp (6g) | 30 Servings

Storage: Keep container closed in a cool, dry place


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Benefits & Functions

Goji Berry

- Supports immune system

- Protects the eyes & promotes healthy skin

- Stabilizes blood sugar

- Fights symptoms of anxiety & depression

Sea Buckthorn

- Rich in vitamins A, E, C and B12

- Boosts immune system

- Improves mood & brain function 

- Contains antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties


- Boosts immune system

- Fights fatigue and depression

- Improves sleep

- Contains antioxidant properties


- Boosts brain function

- Improves symptoms of depression

- Contains antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties

- Promotes digestive health

Black Pepper

- Improves brain function

- Boosts absorption of nutrients

- Contains antioxidant & anti-inflammatory properties

- Detoxifies your body

Ceylon Cinnamon

- Supports brain health

- Lowers blood pressure

- Contains antioxidant properties

- Fights off a wide range of harmful bacteria


- Improves brain function
- Keeps your mouth healthy
- Lowers blood sugar
- Helps fight infections


- Fights free radicals and boost immunity

- Antiviral and antimicrobial properties

- Helps regulate blood sugar

- Great source of beta-carotene

Reboot Your Body & Mind

Our unique mix of sea buckthorn and goji berries will help to support your immune function. Make this mix part of your go-to evening routine and feel the power and enjoy the delicious taste of berries with hints of cinnamon, ginger, and clove.

The addition of Reishi mushrooms helps fight fatigue and improves sleep, while turmeric and black pepper promote digestive health.

How To Use

Simply mix 1 teaspoon with 8-10 oz. of hot water and add the hint of honey or agave syrup. You can also enjoy cold or add to your daily smoothies. Drink in the evening to calm your body & mind, and improve your sleep. Enjoy!

Delicious & Unique Functional Mix

We combined all ingredients based on nutritional factors, the functions of each ingredient, and final taste. Expect delicious sweet taste of berries with slightly sour notes and gentle spice of Ceylon Cinnamon, Ginger & Clove. We love to add a touch of honey for a richer taste.

I’m a huge fan of this Berry Reboot Mix. It was my first experience with a Turmeric and berry blend. The aroma is amazing and it reminds me of Christmas time and there is a really exciting spicy aftertaste that I love.
— Rafael Novais | Adventure Photographer